Full Service Package

We offer standard breed grooming and also create your own style to make your dog look unique. Our Full Service Package includes the following:

1. Drop off!
Drop off your dog with us at the front.
Dog getting dropped off
2. Bathing
We have a variety of special shampoo, conditioners and washes catered to your dog’s needs.
Dog getting shampoo'd
3. Blow dry & Brush
Fur treatment is applied before blow drying for healthy, shiny coats.
Dog getting blow dried
4. Nail trim, ear cleaning
Nail Trim Estimations:Small: $18. Medium $20. Large $22.  Handling fees + for difficult dogs. Additional: Filing $1 /paw
Dog getting nail clipped
5. Break time
Our furry friends have a small rest before their final cut. We have fresh filtered water, treats and resting areas available.
Dog getting pats on her head
6. Cut & Scissoring
The moment of magic! Depending on your cut request and the dog’s comfort level, we groom a variety, ranging from modest cuts to Showcase, Instagram Ready Dogs.
Dog getting groomed
7. Voila!
Your freshly-groomed and happy dog is now ready for pick-up!
Beautiful groomed dog
Dog with coloured pink ears

A La Carte

Feather Extension
Starts from $5 per spot. Colourful Fun for your furry friend.

Teeth Cleaning
Brushless Water floss, $15 for all types. Includes oral gel to break down buildup. Helps doggy breath.

Starts from $25 per spot. Spot rate depends on size of dog and hair length. Contact for estimation.

Mud Treatment Therapy
Helping for anti-inflammatory, great for senior dog with join and muscle pain.


Which Dog Type do you think you have? Discover below to see what grooming needs would suit your dog!
(Short Hair, Long hair double coat, Handstripping/Plucking, Groomable)

Dog Type: Short Hair

This Type includes:  Labrador, french bulldog, shiba inu, short hair chihuahua & Boston terrier. Short hair dogs have the tendency to shed more hair.

Full Service Process: removing soft hair before the bath, bathe with de-shed shampoo, conditioning, brush during bathing. Rubber brushing for dead hair removal during stand dry, spray on conditioner, clip nails, clean ears, skin treatment for the corner of their eyes (flap between nose and eyes as they tend to get red and irritated), and voila!  Full Service for Short Hair types usually take the least amount of time.

Short hair dog

Dog Type: Long hair double coat

This type Includes: Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Pomeranian, Husky,Shiloh Shepherd, Burmese Mountain Dog These types have 2 types of hair: A Guard Coat (wirey) and Undercoat (Soft).

Our Process:
Remove access undercoat, Use Stripping Knife to Remove soft hair on short hair parts (paws, head, cheek, ear tips). Bath with de-shed shampoo, conditioner, rinse. Blow dry undercoat, brush with conditioning spray, trim around the paws, sanitary and underline areas, touch up behind the ears. Clean ears and trim nails- and voila!

Long hair double coat dog

Dog Type: Handstripping/Plucking

This type includes: Terriers (Airedale, Scottish, Cairn, Dandie Dinmont), Wirehaired Dachshund, Schnauzer Short Hair

Our Process:
Handstripping before bath to prevent bacteria from entering the dog’s skin. Remove undercoat and pluck. No clippers are used, just a stripping knife since that enhances the colour of the coat and helps new hair grow back nicer. Bath consists of shampoo and conditioner based on the dog’s skin and hair condition. Blow dry, brush with spray conditioning, trim around the paw, face, and access hair. Finish with ear cleaning and nail cutting- and voila!

Hand stripping dog

Dog Type: Groomable

This type includes: Poodle, Bichon and Shih Tzu.

Our Process:
Bath and Blow dry to straighten their hair. Special shampoo and conditioner are used according to the dog’s skin/hair condition. Knots are removed by brushing with conditioning spray. Clipping and Scissoring- style is based on the owner and dog’s preference. Finishing details are done along with face trim. Out of all dog type processes, Groomable types usually take the most time.

Groommable dog

Other Factors Affecting Price Estimate & Grooming Time:

Size, temperament, length of hair, type of hair, degree of matting, amount of brushing time, handling difficulty, period since the last time groomed, how often the dog is groomed, desired amount to be groomed.

Can you guess which dog took longer to groom?

Image of two dogs of different sizes

They both took the same time!
Despite being the same dog breed, their sizes and hair length balance out their grooming time. It also depends on the dog’s temperament (cooperation).

Image of two dogs of the same breed, but different sizes

Ready to begin?

We’re a dog loving salon dedicated to your dog’s needs!

Pawz N' Style Testimonial

Carol's Story:

Luna has been a longtime member of the Paws N Style family since the fall of 2014. Throughout these years I have always appreciated the love and individual attention that Anchalee and her team have given Luna while she has been in their care  Their attention to detail and care of their furry clients is always evident when I’m in their grooming centre. During Covid, Anchalee has gone above and beyond to ensure that we and our pets are safe by following all of the necessary and required protocols. I wouldn’t think of taking Luna anywhere else.  Thank you Anchalee and team for all that you do for making Luna beautiful